Saturday, June 26, 2010

Days 19 and 20

I apologize for the delay in posts, but as you can imagine the last few days have been hectic for everyone on the company. The second readings were all extremely successful , and left each of their playwrights quite pleased. The final nights were both celebratory and emotional for everyone involved.  Each of the teams became very united throughout the last two weeks of the lab, as did the entire WordBRIDGE family.

It goes without saying that more detailed posts are forthcoming. I have many different videos and Under The Bridge videos to post, so make sure you're still checking the site often. The Photobucket account is also about to get a ton of pictures added to it from all members of the company, so make sure to stop by there as well (link in the photos page).  The trailers for each of the plays will also be coming soon...

But most importantly, make sure you're keeping an eye out for when these plays make their way to the stage:

Where The Whangdoodle Sings by K Frithjof Peterson
Apartment 213 by Joseph Ritsch
Technicolor Life by Jami Brandli
The Highway Play by Erin Phillips
Revelation by Samuel Brett Williams 
Ascension War by Kevin Human
and John Freedman's English translation of Maksym Kurochkin's Kitchen.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Day 18

Well, after a long, long journey...we're finally here. The last two days of the lab bring forth the final readings of all of the plays.  Yesterday we saw Revelation, Kitchen, and The Highway Play. Today will show us Where The Whangdoodle Sings, Apartment 213, and Technicolor Life.

I will be chronicling the whole day-start to finish- which will be compiled into one incredible roundup video.  The Contact Improv. session, as well as many other short videos, will soon be popping up in the 'Under The Bridge' section. As will videos on the rehearsals for Technicolor Life and The Highway Play.

Also, there is a plethora of pictures that need to find their way onto the internet, so keep a lookout for those.  Again, most of the pictures will be seen on Photobucket and not the page on the blog (see that page for the link).

Today, I am sure, will be a remarkable finale to what has been a terrific year at WordBRIDGE. We will all have trouble leaving tomorrow...but that's not what is important right now.  What's important right now is the same thing thing that has been of most importance throughout the entire lab: the playwrights. 

So check back later or tomorrow for a final post from the actual lab, but keep coming back and make sure you catch all the different posts that will be coming throughout the summer, and probably beyond that.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 17

Hello everyone,

It appears The End is Nigh, as they say, and I'm simply trying to make sure you are all covered out there.

For me, Day 17 was about making sure that Day 16 was covered.  It was also about making sure everything was set-up and ready to go for our live broadcast of the New Russian Drama Guest Artist Roundtable.  Beyond that, it was also the final day of rehearsal for Kitchen, as well as all of the other plays.

The final rehearsal day has already started to conjure up tearful-thoughts among the company. The last three weeks (or two weeks for most of the company) truly have zipped by.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Day 16

Hello everyone,

No roundup today, unfortunately, but I have uploaded a rehearsal check-in for Ascension War, featuring an interview with playwright Kevin Human.

Yesterday was a busy day for everyone in the company. Kitchen had another read-through rehearsal, as did Ascension War; which switched up parts once more, and tonight the show has an open-rehearsal in the recital hall to conclude it's process here at WordBRIDGE. All of the other plays also met and worked, obviously, working towards the last day of rehearsals today.

Yesterday's guest artist was actually myself, who led a Contact Improvisation workshop in The Dance Studio, look for pictures (and perhaps an 'Under The Bridge' video?) coming soon.

Also, make sure you head over to USTREAM today at 4:30 for a live broadcast of the guest artist discussion on New Russian Drama.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 15

Well, the first day of the final week is behind us.

I started off the day observing a run-through of Apartment 213, footage from which is featured in today's video, along with some thoughts from writer/director/actor Joseph Ritsch.

Kitchen, the show I am in (along with Ascension War) rehearsed today, taking a look at an old German film on the legend of Siegfried, which, I thought, cleared a lot of questions up about the tale, and cleared up the images we had already been given by our storytelling expert Crosby Hunt.

Speaking of Crosby, the day ended with a special presentation from Crosby, as he presented his piece: The Deerfield Massacre.

The lack of sleep is starting to catch up with everyone, but we are all pushing right on through. The readings begin on Thursday, and everyone is excited to see what the other teams have come up with. Check out today's round-up below for the chat with Joseph.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Day 14

Hello friends!

Today's video is minus a Word of the Day, so Joseph will just have to have two in tomorrow's video. What this video does include, however, is a check-in with the rehearsals for Where The Whangdoodle Sings. We talk with Kris Peterson, the playwright, Chuck Kartali ('the Whangdoodle') and Stage Manager Anthony Conway.

The other big event for me today was the initial reading for Kitchen by Maksyn Kurochkin. Kurochkin is WordBRIDGE's Professional Playwright-in-residence this year, and is bringing his play from Russia to have it translated by John Freedman.

The final week is upon us. Friday night is when it all wraps up, but not for the blog, no sir.

Make sure you keep an eye out for more interviews, Under The Bridge videos, picture updates for the rest of the summer.

Additionally, I will be composing 'trailers' for each of this year's plays, as well as mini-documentaries on each of them. There will also be an over-arching WB2010 Documentary, so keep an eye out for all this exciting footage!


Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day Twelve

Hey everyone!

A special Thank-You to those six viewers we had watching the live broadcast, sorry for so short of notice. We will be doing another Live-broadcast next Wednesday at 4:30pm, that discussion will be on New Russian Drama and will feature all of our guest artists coming in from over-seas.

So yesterday was the twelfth day at WordBRIDGE, and it was another very exciting day. I stopped in on rehearsals for both Apartment 213 and The Highway Play. I know I said I'd have a rehearsal-footage tape up today, but look for that in the coming days, I want to make sure I can get a good sample-size of all the rehearsals.

Yesterday was also the WordBRIDGE cabaret, which there are a couple of brief clips from on the video, which is, of course, right here:


Friday, June 18, 2010

Live Designer-Round Table!!

Follow this link to get to the live disscussion with the WordBRIDGE designers!!

The Round Table Starts at 4:30 pm, live from Clemson University!

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day Eleven

Hello again!

Today I dropped in to rehearsal for Technicolor Life. The cast has already undergone dramatic changes since I last saw it at the reading. In the afternoon I read stage directions in J Ranelli's play One More Spring, which he presented for guest artist hour.

I wanted to wait until i could have clips from all (or at least most) of the rehearsal processes before I made a rehearsal footage video, so today's roundup is again, rather short.

The overall plan for here on out goes like this: I will be making a mini-documentary on each of the four plays, and will also make an accompanying 'trailer' for the play and the process. After next week and WordBRIDGE has ended for the year, I will get to work on making a full-length documentary on this year's laboratory.

While most of that will be appearing towards the end of next week, there will be lots of exciting videos (and Under The Bridge videos!) that will be appearing very soon!


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Day Ten

Hello, all!

Today I stepped into rehearsal for Apartment 213 which I found has already undergone drastic rewrites. The entire three hours were focused only on two scenes, both new, and experimented a lot with sound reverberation and feedback.

In the afternoon, however, the cast of Kitchen began rehearsing with an initial read-through.  Kitchen (in which I, myself will be playing "Chubby/Lawyer) is a draft of a play by Russian playwright Maksym Kurochkin, and translated by John Freedman. Kurochkin and several other guest artists from Russia (as well as Freedman) will be joining us on Saturday, with the initial reading of the play Sunday night. The play, which takes place in the kitchen of a castle, was deemed by Freedman to be "impossible to translate". So, naturally, that is one of the chief reasons it has been brought to WordBRIDGE. The reading will be directed by WordBRIDGE Artistic Director David White.

Here's the round-up for the day. In the coming days I plan to post a video that will show some pictures and footage from the rehearsals that have happened this week.

See everyone tomorrow!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Nine: Back on Schedule

Alright, so one minor speed-bump and I'm back in business.

So, despite the length and simplicity of today's video, today was actually a very busy day for me. I spent the day popping in and out of rehearsals for The Highway Play and Where The Whangdoodle Sings. Later on we had our first guest artist: Michele Vazquez led a yoga workshop in the Dance Studio, where I myself will be the guest artist next Tuesday, with a Contact Improvisation workshop.

At night there was a reading of the first two acts of Ascension War which starts rehearsing again tomorrow after a few days off.

The rest of my day today was filled in with transferring video hard drives to different drivers and other boring stuff like that.

But nevertheless, here's today's video: some initial reactions to Michele's workshop.


Day Eight...a little late.

Apologies for the late update, Day Nine will be coming up within the next two hours or so.

Yesterday, Monday, consisted of two more readings and a presentation. We started off in the morning with Revelation by Samuel Brett Williams and ended the day with Erin Phillips' The Highway Play. In the afternoon we got to go to a showing of Apartment 213, which is a solo performance by Joseph Ritsch, but also features Will Manning as a lifeless body.

I got lots of footage from all three events, however, none will be seen in the video below. What is connected to this post is The Daily Roundup for yesterday, however, those anxious for more details on the plays have no need to fear, more information will be on the way.

In addition, keep checking the Under The Bridge Videos page for more random happenings at this year's conference, to give you a more intimate look at the personalities of the 2010 WordBRIDGE company.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Day Seven- First Readings

Today the company sat down to watch the first two readings of the lab: Where The Whangdoodle Sings in the morning, and Technicolor Life in the evening. Both readings were each proceeded by their first rehearsal, each lasting an hour.

Now that (mostly) everyone has arrived, the company was really able to start meeting in production teams and starting to arrange their rehearsal spaces, everyone anxious to get these plays on their feet for the first time.

Ascension War was to squeeze in a rehearsal (in which the entire cast would switch roles) but that unfortunately had to be postponed due to changes in the schedule.

And, despite many technical problems with the cameras and video today, I have still made sure that the Word and Question of the Day were delivered nicely trapped in the embedded video below. ( I mean, really, would a day be complete without them?)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Day Six: The Gang's All Here, a Look Forward

Today's video features a talk with artistic directors David White and Mark Charney.

Today was the first day that the majority of the company came together. there was a definite buzz around The Brooks Center For the Performing Arts today. Below is the Word/Question of the Day Video. Below that is The full Day Six Video entry.

Tomorrow will be the first day of readings, so expect an exciting entry tomorrow!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Day Five: Impromptu Ascension

Today consisted of an improv. in Ascension rehearsal (which had fifty-seven new pages) and welcoming the playwrights that arrived today.

In addition, myself, Anthony Conway, Eric Poch, and Erin Boots began a game of Risk...expect nightly updates on my Facebook page.


Thursday, June 10, 2010

Day Four: The Rewrites Begin

Today, the cast of Ascension War received our first revisions from Kevin, during a wonderfully experimental rehearsal. Much work was done with the group of characters known as The Congregation, with Resource Artist Michael Perrie coming in with a choral arrangement for the cast. Check out the video from our feedback, plus that of Acting Mentor Will Manning, and playwright Kevin Human. The company also answers the questions: What was your unexpected challenge of the day?

-Matt Shea

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 3: Duel Video Post

Hello all! Day Three brought so much excitement it couldn't be contained with one video! Ascension War is seeing incredible progress, and the Day 3 Video below has interviews with the crew about the exciting and productive rehearsal this morning.

The day also included a scavenger hunt around Clemson's campus. The video from that will be posted in the soon-to-exist Videos Page, as will all other videos of off-beat events like that.

The second video below is The Day Three Question of the Day: "What was the best part of your day?"

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day Two- First Video- Intro, Compilation: "Main Goal of the Day?"

Here is our first video entry, it features an overview of what has, and what will be going on at the Lab, as well as the first Compilation Answer Video: What Was Your Main Goal of the Day?

The Order of Things

Hello everyone!

First Rehearsal for Ascension War
Later tonight there will be a video entry from myself and Anthony Conway recapping the day, we will do our best to make one of these everyday here at wordBRIDGE. Currently, converting formats and other such problems are preventing us from getting you stuff faster, but for the meantime check out the new pictures under the Picture Tab and more in our Twit Pics!

Be sure to follow us on Twitter (wordbridge) and check out our Twitpics, links to both pages are over on the side bar>>>>

Monday, June 7, 2010

wordBRIDGE 2010

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the wordBRIDGE's official blog! As you can see, things are just getting started around here, but over the next three weeks be sure to swing by to check out the entries from student artists Matt Shea and Anthony Conway, who will be heading up the blog during worBRIDGE 2010, as well as updates from many other members of the company.

The blog will also be featuring video posts including interviews with the playwrights and artists, behind-the-scenes footage of the rehearsal and writing processes, and footage from the different readings of the plays at wordBRIDGE this year.

Currently, the company is focused on Ascension War by Kevin Human, so expect footage from Clemson to start popping up in the coming days. Next week, the rest of the playwrights will be arriving and wordBRIDGE will be in full swing. The plays in development this year are:

Technicolor Life by Jami Brandli
Where the Whangdoodle Sings by K. Frithjof Peterson
The Highway Play by Erin Phillips
Apartment 213 by Joseph Ritsch
Revelation by Samuel Brett Williams

So come back everyday to see what has been posted, because something (in both text and video form) will be posted each night. Everything's been a lot of fun so far, but make no is all business in South Carolina